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Jeanette Hill

Award-winning playwright, creative activist, women empowerment advocate, and advisory board member for coveted organizations are some of the titles held by Jeanette W. Hill. She is an active and vibrant individual with a charming and enigmatic personality that helps her captivate and inspire everyone around her.

Jeanette’s stories are about her people, her multigenerational community, people with familiar faces and similar experiences, whose trials and triumphs continue to braid their lives together. Jeanette’s purpose is to tell our stories in our voice; rekindling the survival skills the ancestors instilled from soul to soul, spirit to spirit, and heart to heart, from generation to generation.

She works toward the goal of supporting the growth, development, and success of women of color, by collaborating with social, civic and community organizations like SAFE Alliance/domestic violence awareness (5 Women of Color), Black Art Matters ATX (Don't Call Me Brother!), National Association on Mental Illness (No Ordinary Days), and Central Texas Family Services and Support (Clean Sheets). She is committed to devoting her time, energy, and talents to educating women of color about the necessity of nurturing self-love, believing that they are enough, and encouraging them to fight to live. She continues to share her experiences and insight to encourage others to pursue their calling and hone their talent through her plays, talks, presentations, and workshops.

Our Recent Plays


Jeanette Hill has a phenomenal mind and spirit for writing plays that entertain and educate her audience. The African American experience is diverse and overflowing with stories and dreams that need to be told in our voice. Jeanette is a role model who inspires others to use their voice.

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August Bullock
New Works Development Director: DC Black Theatre Arts Festival
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